Vegan Leather Tool Belt
Vegan Leather Tool Belt
Both grommets and velcro will insure stability and customization
Whether you prefer combs, scissors, chop sticks or bobby pins.. they will all be easily accessible on this unit
Phone and small slipper pocket! Perfect for bobby pins, hair ties or any small items you need to keep track of while on the job!
2 product pouches are included
Hemp Storage Bag

Vegan Leather Tool Belt

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The Pro Stylist Belt 2.0!

Our original waxed canvas was made for artists that seek durability and ease.

This new Vegan Leather material was made with perfectionists in mind.

Vegan leather is extremely durable as it is water-resistant, stain-resistant and can be exposed to the elements. Vegan leather products are capable of holding up against weather conditions and suffer minimal wear and tear over time.

 With our belt, you will have every thing you need for your next instagram tutorial, one-on-one lesson, fashion show, bridal event or even a day at the salon! No worries about loose hair, product build-up or cleanliness.. we've got you covered!


  • Holds 6+ hair products inside pouches with a draw string running through the top
  • The large pouches also have extra sections sewn into the pouch for even more security (ensuring your products, water bottles, etc are firmly in place)
  • Pouch for your phone to be readily available 
  • Zipper pocket for holding hair ties/ elastics
  • Magnetic strip holds bobby pins in a convenient location with easy accessibility
  • 3 individual comb sections
  • 2 brush loops
  • Adjustable belt with extra sleeve for excess material and strong buckle
  • Grommets and Velcro hold each section onto the belt
  • Sections are interchangeable for optimal usage depending on the job at hand
  • *Extra: Hemp dust bag for storing while not in use

Do Not Put Hot Tools Inside/ On or Hanging off Belt


Customer Reviews

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Rachel Stange
Absolutely in love with my new tool belt!! Love the detail of the magnetic strip for bobby pins t...

Super happy with the customer service, my tool belt arrived quickly and efficiently!


I am obsessed with this amazing belt! It has made my life so much easier as a Bridal Hairstylist. It has so many amazing features including a zip pouch for elastics and a magnetic section to hold pins/clips! I hate wearing something magnetic on my wrist while i work, working with this belt is much more efficient vs walking back and forth to a table. I only wish the magnetic area was larger with some stronger magnets. I have added my own. Amazing product!

Carla Reis Alves

I’m impressed! I love my belt, the quality it’s amazing!!!

I love it, definitely a must in your kit I been looking for something like this belt for a long t...

Very professional, you’re doing a great job thank you for inventing this belt :)