Pro Stylist Belt
Pro Stylist Belt
Pro Stylist Belt
Pro Stylist Belt
Pro Stylist Belt
Pro Stylist Belt

Pro Stylist Belt

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Our Pro Stylist Belt has been perfected for the “on-the-go” stylist for over 3 years. With our belt, you will have every thing you need for your next instagram tutorial, one-on-one lesson, fashion show, bridal event or even a day at the salon!


  • Holds 6+ hair products inside pouches with a draw string running through the top
  • The large pouches also have extra sections sewn into the pouch for even more security (ensuring your products, water bottles, etc are firmly in place)
  • Pouch for your phone to be readily available 
  • Zipper pocket for holding hair ties/ elastics 
  • Magnetic strip holds bobby pins in a convenient location with easy accessibility
  • 3 individual comb sections
  • 2 brush loops
  • Adjustable belt with extra sleeve for excess material and strong buckle
  • Grommets and Velcro hold each section onto the belt
  • Sections are interchangeable for optimal usage depending on the job at hand 
  • *Extra: Hemp dust bag for storing while not in use 

Do Not Put Hot Tools Inside/ On or Hanging off Belt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Fiorella Castro
I love my pro Stylist belt!! Every SECOND counts in the bridal industry. This belt saves me SO MU...

Innovative & amazing! Grateful you knew exactly what we needed and provided it for us all!

Katherine Balan

Love it ! Thanks

Rachel Riley
Finally!! A tool belt MADE for me

I’m in love with this stylist took belt! I’ve been on the lookout for a belt I can use on-site at weddings while styling hair and have had no luck, until I found this perfect belt! It’s adjustable and super comfortable. The weight feels evenly distributed which is great for long hours standing. I can work so much quicker now. I also love the fact that they have thought of everything! Two big pockets for product, brush holders, zipper pouch, comb pouch, and probably one of my favorite parts, the magnetic outside lower part of one of the pouches for clips and Bobby pins.
In love! I can’t wait to get one for every member of my team! 😍 and a leather one for myself the next time!

Casey Campisi
This belt is a game changer. I love it and it has helped me more than I even expected it to!

The thoughtfulness and attention to detail is definitely noticed and appreciated.

Emily Giangrasso
I love my new Uphayr Styling Belt!

I used my new tool belt for the first time yesterday onsite for a wedding party. It was so great to be able to store my products and pins at my hip instead of on an overcrowded tray. This styling belt was definitely a space saver as well as a time saver. Can’t wait to use it again next weekend!💛